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Spirituality V. Religion: What's Your Favor

Spiritual growth is a prominent subject In our world today. Commonly misunderstood by many who try to associate spirituality with religion. Amazingly we hear the word religion more times on a Sunday than it is mentioned in the entire Bible only appearing five times. Spiritual growth will be our topic for this week we hope to enlighten those who desire to grow spiritually. Spiritual growth can also be an embarrassing subject because we'd like to believe that we are successful in our spirituality. A story in the Bible comes to mind when I think on this subject. The apostles who traveled with Jesus were unable to cast out a demon. Jesus firmly rebuked their unbelief and then proceeded to tell them how to succeed. Remember as well that it was the apostles who asked Jesus to increase their faith. And so we learn from this story that there should be a desire for spiritual growth and there definitely is an answer.

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